Retreat in Ireland: Gerald Celente’s “Find Your Future In Trends”

Global forecaster Gerald Celente and his Trends Research Institute invite you to “Find Your Future In Trends,” a weeklong conference in magnificent Galway, Ireland, set along a majestic coastline along Galway Bay. Register here for the retreat.

This dynamic, inspiring conference will explore a series of powerful trends unfolding worldwide and how they directly affect your quality of life, bottom line and individuality during an era of dramatic social, economic and technological change that is just dawning.

“Find Your Future In Trends,” June 10-16, 2017, is the first in the institute’s widely popular conference series to be held in Ireland. With a backdrop of the transcendent Aran Islands, Celente, institute analysts and special invited guests will conduct lectures, workshops and group discussions designed to explore how the institute’s Top Trends for 2017 are impacting you. Read more.

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Trends Research Institute Conferences: A Q&A


What are the conferences about?

We developed these programs based on the strong interest expressed by Trends Journal subscribers and our desire to share our methods for tracking trends with individuals and businesses. Our programs also are designed to provide a forum to engage directly with Trends Research Institute founder Gerald Celente, institute analysts and invited guests. Each conference has a specific mission, which is explained in our conference guides. Our conference website,, contains detailed information about upcoming conferences. We also provide conference announcements on our primary website,

When are the conferences?

The institute holds several conferences throughout each year. Each conference is different, featuring different topics, structures and speakers. And beginning in June 2017, the institute launches a series of international conferences and events with “Find Your Future In Trends” in Galway, Ireland.

How much does it cost to attend?

The cost for each conference varies, depending on program length and content presented. Subscribers are given first opportunity to register at these rates. If openings are still available after the subscriber-only period has ended, the cost increases for each conference and enrollment is open to non-subscribers.

What are the sessions like?

Each conference is different, but they are all developed with a mix of presentations, group engagement and conversations with invited guests and institute analysts. Social events also are planned.

What is the setting like?

Don’t expect a dry, predictable hotel multipurpose room. Institute conferences at our headquarters in Kingston, New York, take place in richly historic buildings surrounded by genuine American craftsmanship, wonderful art and dynamic, interesting people from all over the United States and several other countries.

Is food served during the conference?

Yes, several meals are served. In addition, special receptions and other planned events also include food. But every conference is different; check the specific conference guide for more details.

What is the attire?

Your unique version of business casual.

Who attends trends conferences?

Conference attendees come from all over the world. We have had as many as a dozen countries represented at a single conference. Our audience members tend to be independent thinkers who have a strong interest in our work and, moreover, seek the truth underlying the events shaping our world so they understand how to navigate through trends that affect them.

Where do conference attendees stay?

While attendees at our Kingston conferences are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements, our website contains a conference section that is packed with detailed information about lodging in the area, things to do and places to visit. Our international conference series are different. These packages include hotel stays.

How do I register for a conference?

The easiest way is by visiting Or, you can call our office at 845-331-3500, ext. 102 for more information.